PL3Dr. Paulette Lee-Groth : Veterinarian/ Owner

Dr. Lee received her DVM from Oklahoma State University in 1993. In 1997 she purchased her clinic here in Choctaw. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding and spending time outdoors. She also has 4 grandchildren that she loves to baby sit and. She is the proud owner of five dogs – three Papillons, two Heeler Crosses and 3 quarter horses.

dr-provenceDr. Natosha Provence : Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Provence received her D.V.M. from Oklahoma State University in 2014. She has two horses, one donkey (Stefania), ten goats, three cats, the two dogs. In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding, fishing and spending time with family and friends. Dr. Provence enjoys working on horses. She has a strong background in herd health for goats and avian medicine.

20151112_152155Dr. Amy Green : Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Green graduated from Oklahoma State University with her Veterinary medicine degree in 2014. When she is not caring for pets at the clinic, she is spending time with her husband, four dogs and two cats. She also enjoys spending time outdoors and going to the movies. Her favorite part of working with animals is strengthening the bond between herself, her patients and their owners.

johnJohn Groth : General Manager
John is spending most of his time behind the scenes keeping paper work, computers and other aspects of the business running. He enjoys horseback riding, fishing and golfing. He also enjoys spending time with family and his four wonderful grandchildren.

kassieKassie Hamlin : Assistant Manager
Kassie’s hobbies include camping, kayaking, biking and art. She loves the outdoors and spending time with her wife, two beautiful twin daughters and their chocolate Labrador, Benya. When at work Kassie participates in every aspect of organizing a strong team. She has 20 years experience in the Veterinary field.

IMG_1354Whitney Lawson : Registered Veterinary Technician
Whitney’s hobbies are barrel racing, trail riding, farming, wake boarding and spending time with family. Her and her husband are proud owners of three dogs (Sadie, Dallas and Diesel), one cat (Rosie), three Quarter Horses (Bob, Bear, Josie), one mini horse (Barney), three mini donkeys (Jane, Ellie, John Wayne), seven cows and one bull. Graduated from OSU-OKC Veterinary Technology Program in 2010. Favorite part about her job is monitoring anesthesia and assisting with surgery.

100_2587Kristin Wright – Veterinary Assistant
Kristin enjoys hunting, fishing and outdoor activities. She also enjoys spending time with her rabbit, Merle Haggard Wright. She recently graduated from Veterinary Technician School at Heritage College. She is looking forward to taking her boards in March to receive her RVT license. Kristin has worked here at Town and Country Animal Hospital for 6 wonderful years.

100_2580LaShandra Taylor : Veterinary Assistant/Lead Kennel Technician
LaShandra enjoys riding horses and spending time with her nephews. She has 9 horses therefore her spare time is spent caring for them. LaShandra has been in the Veterinary field 10 years. She loves every aspect of her job and excels at each task presented.

100_2578Crystal Cannon : Receptionist
Crystal loves to listen to and play music. She also enjoys going to concerts, bowling, reading, and cooking. She always finds time to spend with her family, friends and her beautiful black Labrador, Shy. Although her favorite breed is the Great Dane. She some day hopes to add one to her family. She is also hoping to one day finish school to be an RVT and become involved in animal rescue.

jennbJennifer Buck : Receptionist
Jennifer is one of our receptionists here at Town and Country Animal Hospital. She is the mother of four wonderful children and has many pets. She enjoys spending time with her kids at all their sporting and athletic events. Jennifer loves going to the lake with her family and spending time outdoors.

jennJennifer Karr : Senior Kennel Technician
Jennifer Karr takes pride in rescuing dogs that are in need of loving care. She has a big heart and gives her time and energy to animals in need. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. She has worked at Town and Country Animal Hospital for 7 dedicated years.

100_2578Kelsey Beesley : Kennel Technician
Kelsey enjoys reading thrillers, riding her four-wheeler and enjoying the outdoors. She has three dogs, one mix breed that she rescued from the pound, named Kimber. She has a Great Dane named Jax and a Chow Chow named Simba. Kelsey enjoys cuddling up with a good book and her 3 dogs at her feet.

100_2601Haley Lawson : Kennel Technician
Haley enjoys watching movies, playing video games and hanging out with her friends. She has freshwater fish, two German Shepards, one Chow Chow,, five Chinchillas and also one hamster. She spends a lot of time caring for these animals. She has enjoyed four years of taking care of animals and making sure all their needs are met.

20151112_172243Amanda Brinkley : Kennel Technician
Amanda enjoys reading, writing and working out. She has a cat named, Half Moon, whom she rescued from the animal shelter and a dog named Sebastian. Amanda has a passion for Veterinary Medicine and has worked at Town and Country Animal Hospital for the past 4 years. She always brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm for co-workers and great compassion and care for all our patients.

IMG_2423Krystal Catron : Kennel Technician
Krystal enjoys being with her family, hanging out with her pets and playing racquetball. She has two dogs, a German Shepard named Zander, and a Sheltie named Ollie. She also has two uromastyx lizards as well. In Krystal’s free time she is mostly studying, as she would like to become a Veterinarian some day. Krystal loves her job and working with animals.

FB_IMG_1447363900906Elliot : Clinic Mascot
Elliot arrived at our clinic for puppy shots one day and our team could not resist his one floppy ear. He has since become famous on our Facebook page. He keeps a smile on our faces even when times are rough.